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Buy golden teacher mushrooms online is popular among cultivators and psychonauts. The cultivators love this strain because of it’s structure. It looks beautiful because of it’s golden cap on it. Psychonauts love this strain because of their psychedelic journey has a profound impact. The strain of golden teacher magic mushroom is psilocibe cubensis. The strain of psychedelic mushrooms whose main active elements are psilocybin an psylocin. It is said that species of golden teacher magic mushroom was found first in Florida during the mid 1980s. The word was spread very fast because of the golden pack and the look of this mushroom. Golden teacher magic mushroom grows large and elegant as compared to the other pspsilocybe species. The first flush of these GTs grow small but as the period increases the GTs grows more faster and fatter. Once the mushrooms grows to their fullest then the caps of this mushroom have a diameter of 5cm and also the caps become pretty plain. The golden teacher magic mushroom are not much fruity as compared to the other psylocibe cubensis because they grow in less optimal conditions than the other psylocibe cubensis and it makes them more favourite among the first time growers.

Golden teacher magic mushroom is used all over the world. Golden teacher magic mushroom does not required much effort for growing.


But, the most attractive thing in this mushroom is the look of this mushroom. It steals the eyes of people. The best part of the golden teacher magic mushroom is that it gives you a mild high psychedelic effect and also it is known as a gateway mushroom for the other magic mushroom newbies. Buy Golden Teacher Mushrooms Online are known for its shamanitic properties or spiritual effects. These shrooms are not known for tripping. It connects you with nature and gives more positive energy to you. Many monks also consume this mushroom to connect themselves with nature. When you consume this mushroom it gives you a feeling of enlightenment and helps you to connect with nature. All of this makes sense because of the name appears as the ability to heal mind and spirit. It does not cause any addiction for human beings. It is used for good purpose and anyone can consume it and also it does not have any side effect.

Golden Teacher Magic Mushroom is safe?

The best part of this mushroom is that they are not drugs and they are used for good purpose. It does not harm our body or eats our body from inside and also it does not cause any addiction after consuming. Even if someone gets addicted towards it, then that addiction is good not bad. It connects you with nature and help to heal your mind and soul and also it helps you to think positive always. By this your health can also be good. Because it is said that positive thinking leads you towards a happy life. If you are having negative thoughts lately and you have to clean your mind and spirit then you should try this once. You will never regret.


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