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Buy JWH-200 powder online; JWH-200 (WIN 55,225) is a pain-relieving synthetic from the aminoalkylindole family that goes about as a cannabinoid receptor agonist.

Its coupling partiality, Ki at the CB1 receptor is 42 nM, around equivalent to that of THC. However, its pain-relieving power in vivo was higher than that of different analogues with more grounded. Thus, CB1 restricting fondness in vitro, around multiple times that of THC however with a less calming impact co2 jwh 200, no doubt reflecting good pharmacokinetic attributes. Hence, it was found by and named after, Dr. John W. Huffman. [ Buy research chemicals online]

JWH-200,  a Schedule 9 restricted substance in Australia under the Poisons Standard (October 2015).

A Schedule 9 substance is a substance which might be manhandled or abused jwh 200 legal, the assembling, ownership, separation of jwh-200 compounds using liquid deal or utilization of which ought to be precluded by law.

Aside from when required for restorative or logical research. Thus, for explanatory, educating or preparing purposes with the endorsement of Commonwealth and additionally State or Territory Health Authorities.

The US DEA incidentally announced JWH-200 a calendar I controlled substance on 1 March 2011 through 76 FR 11075, and for all time buy passport instated a similar timetable on 9 July 2012. Thus, in Section 1152 of the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act jwh 200 effects. Starting at 16 July 2015, the medication is a controlled substance in Canada.

buy jwh-200 powder online


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